A senior team with a long track record

Our senior leaders have either built successful MGAs in the past or led teams for some of the top insurance firms in the market. Sometimes both. Scroll down to meet everyone.


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Russell Kilpatrick


Tristan Sargeaunt

Group CEO

Nathan Sewell

Investor Director

Jason Edwards

Group COO

Andrea Nicoli

Group Finance Director

Nigel Brand

Group CUO & CEO (Guernsey)

Paula McManus

Underwriting Director, Professional Indemnity

James O'Halloran

Development Underwriter

Bethany Thomas

Senior Underwriter, Financial Institutions

Jamie Boyd

Senior Underwriter

Shane Barry

Senior Underwriter, Professional Indemnity

Tom Hodgson

Senior Underwriter

Austin Sewell


Charlie Cooper


Jacob Gunn

Assistant Underwriter

Jonathan Edsall

Assistant Underwriter

Philip Fox

Assistant Underwriter

Alexander Howard-Harwood

Alexandra Howard-Harwood

Underwriting Assistant

Bobby Northover

Underwriting Assistant

Oliver Moody

Oliver Moody

Underwriting Assistant

Nicky Davidson

Underwriting Assistant

Sue Saddington

Group Operations Manager

Jessica McCormack

Operations Manager

Kamil Lampa

Management Accountant

Barbora Zaleska

IBA Accountant

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